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Inspiration crown moulding and trim is a family venture. Secret of our success lies in our family business values, and traditions. We keep our business small to cater to every client like our own member of the family.

We offer years of experience installing crown moulding and trim in and around Toronto, sourcing only the best quality products, and innovative methods of installation that result in unmatched quality of workmanship. 

Whether you are in Toronto, GTA, or surrounding areas we got you covered. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us for your crown moulding installation needs. 


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Why choose MDF Crown Moulding

We have been working with mdf crown moulding for 15 years, and had great response from our valued clients. 

  1.  Long lasting quality (mdf is a composite material. It has no grain and therefore it's consistent structure eliminates warping, minimal shrinkage is easily eliminated with appropriate joining techniques)

  2.  Ease of installation (mdf is a great material to work with. Therefore reduced labour cost will save you money)

  3.  Consistent length of material (most mdf mouldings come in 14 - 16' length, accommodating most of the room dimensions. Mdf moulding can be joined with reinforced invisible joints.)

Before installation begins:

How to choose crown moulding size 

We recommend to use following guidelines when choosing crown moulding. Under normal circumstances ceiling height dictates size of crown moulding trim. 


  - 8' High ceiling - select 4" to 5" crown moulding 

  - 9' High ceiling - select 6" - 7" crown moulding

  - 10'+ High ceilings - select 8"+ crown moulding

  * these are guide lines only, and it's best for us to evaluate and make recommendations during an in home consultation. Contact us for a free estimate.

Once you are ready to start your project

In most of the cases it's best to get us to visit your home and evaluate upcoming project.

- We will bring samples of trim to present to you. 

- Take measurements and provide quotation based on linear footage and difficulty of the project.

- In some cases we can evaluate and provide quotation based on floor plans or blue prints. 

- We will ask you to provide us with a clutter free work area to have a successful installation.

On the day of the installation

We arrive bright and early, as most of the jobs can be done the same day.

- Installers will bring crown moulding and other trim required for installation

- We will lay down drop sheets to protect floors and minimize dust and dirt. 

- Install and caulk crown moulding or trim, making it ready to paint. (all crown moulding and trim comes pre primed)

- We promise to deliver great workmanship, minimal to no dust inside your home, no damage to walls or floors. 


If you like to get a quote please call us directly @ 647 998 0488 or fill out contact form at the bottom of the page.


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