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Crown Moulding Catalog

This is our crown moulding selection catalog. We have selected the most versatile and probably the best looking crown moulding profiles for you to choose from. Paired with our expert crown moulding installation, will produce stunning results.

You can click on the picture to see how particular crown moulding would look installed and finish on the ceiling.


Give us a call or send us a message to find out the cost or schedule a FREE in home consultation. 

Milan Profile 

Available in 5" - 7" - 8"

Milan crown moulding is one of the most popular and probably the nicest looking crown moulding designs offered on the market today.

Tuscany Profile 

Available in 5" - 7" - 9"

Tuscany crown moulding profile is similar in appearance to Milan profile, we find it is best suited for traditional interior design.

Georgian Profile 

Available in 4" - 5 1/4" - 7"

Georgian or also known as colonial profile, this crown moulding is by far the oldest and perhaps the original crown moulding profile usually found in classical architecture.

Hampton Profile 

Available in 5" - 7"

Hampton crown moulding profile is usually chosen by someone striving for traditional look. It's classical shape will find it's place in many different types of interior designs. 

Cove Profile 

Available in 3" - 5" - 7"

Cove crown moulding profile is another classical profile. You will be able to give your interior a striking look, at the same time Cove crown moulding does not look heavy or over crowding the space. 

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